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About This Site -- Information on other projects and on how to contact the publisher of this website.
The Egroup -- A selected list of subjects posted at the Madhyamika Buddhism egroup discussion site.
Internet Links -- A selection of Internet links to other online Buddhist resources. SEE THE NEW LINKS!

Quote of the Month -- The quote of the month is chosen for its revealing clarity of the Buddha's Truth.

The Buddha -- A brief history of the historical Buddha's origins, life, and death.

Nagarjuna -- A brief introduction to the man, the myth, and his legacy.

Chi-tsang -- A brief introduction to Chi-tsang of the Chinese San-lun (Madhyamika) school.

The Middle Path -- A collection of comments on the Buddha's Middle Path.

The Two Truths -- An introduction to the two truths doctrine (Interdependency and Emptiness) within the CONTEXT of their mutually defining relationship. See also The Mutual Interplay of the Two Truths.

Interdependency -- Selected comments on the Buddhist causal law of interdependency (Sanskrit: pratityasamutpada) which is said to be the Buddha's highest insight just prior to his enlightenment, and it is called the central philosophy of Buddhism. The Buddha's causal law must be understood within its relationship to Emptiness as defined by the two truths doctrine.

Emptiness -- The doctrine of emptiness (sunyata: openness) is NOT nonexistence but the lack of a permanent, independent self-nature (svabhava) of all dharmas (= factors of experience: people, objects, events, ideas). This means that dharmas exist but are indeterminate and unfindable in any final or absolute sense. To fully understand emptiness it must be considered within the doctrine of the two truths involving its relationship to Interdependency, otherwise misconceptions occur.

The Significance of Madhyamika -- An overview of the relevance and consequences of Madhyamika in today's world. See also A Modern View of Nagarjuna's Intent and Meaning and A Survey of the Madhyamika System on the more complex points of the Madhyamika system.

Terminology -- Selected terms that are relevant to the Madhyamika Buddhism discourse.

Quotable Quotes -- Selected quotes and their sources on various aspects of Madhyamika Buddhism.

Selected References -- Recommended readings on Nagarjuna, the Madhyamika, and Buddhism.

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